Cerim K 175 DUAL

Computerized Sole Cementing Machine

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Cerim K 175 DUAL Computerized Shoe Side Roughing and Cementing Machine

Automatic Side roughing or Cementing Machine.

New automatic machine fort he lasted or strobel shoes side working, frontal loading, with 6 programmable axis , one roughing and cementing head, with digitizer to speed up and semplify programming, with safety protections ( barriers) with following possibilities;

Only roughing

Only cementing

Simultaneus roughing and cementing

One work station

Option; double cement unit

The flexibility of the machine allows 3 different possibilities of use:

– only roughing

– only cementing- simultaneous roughing and priming (patended)

The new processing system (patented) significantly increases the productivity of the machine and ensures maximum precision of the results, as roughing and cementing operations take place simultaneously using the same work profile.

The new kinematic mechanisms and the rotation of the tool with high power brushless motors, together with the accurate control of the engine revolutions, ensure constancy in the processing of leathers from the most delicate to the most resistant.

The new system increases the productivity of the machine and also eliminates both the marking phase of the sole profile on the upper and the transfer of the last to other production areas, inside the factory, to perform the gluing operation.


Six programmable axis.

Extreme accuracy of the working path.

Display touch screen programming system.

Automatic expansion for all sizes.

Working operation allowing different pressures and speed at any programmed point.

Istantaneous and independent programming and correction for zone, right and / or left shoe, size.

DGT digitizer, programs can be created directly in the machine quickly and easily.

New conical quick release of the tool, inspired by the ISO SK system, allows an easy maintenance and replacement unique in the sector.

Very high output.

Self diagnostics.

Technical Machine Features:

  • Dimensions: 920 * 1950 * 2200 cm
  • Net Weight: 960 kg
  • Installed Electric Power: 8,8 kw
  • Motor electric power: 5.5 kw