Cosmopol EL-VI Alasca 800 SMART

Steaming Tunnel

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Cosmopol EL-VI ALASCA 800 SMART Cooling Tunnel

Cooling tunnel of small dimensions with conveyor

Placed after stabilization tunnel or after pressing of the shoe with the sole, allows a rapid stabilization, reducing the polymer curing times. The structure completely in anodized aluminum has allowed to increase the resistance to cold and moisture, reducing weight by 25%.

Also used to stabilize in size,soles and molded components. Digital temperature control from + 15 ° -22 °. Speed variator on transport.

MOD.ALASKA 800 V Transport advance stop photocell. Production with 3 types of different programs. Digital control panel for values and production.

Dimensions: cm 78x180x150

Net weight: kg 370

Temprature adjustable from / to +15 C/ 20C

Production: pairs 800 pairs in 8 hours

Consumption: KWh 1.8