Elit 20KD 40


Elit 20KD 40 Conveyor Combining Machine

Our machine gives you perfect result in fusing process. İts used for many aplications such as: transfer printing, belt tuck, stone print. You can use the tape up to 40 cm. You can arrange mechanically fusing adjustment and get homogeneity on tape surface. The machine mechanically compress the products that are produced between two rolling. When temperature is closed, you can maket he tape cold with fan. The machine has two flange system that prevent to move tape along operating. If necessary, cooling device can be installed easly. Also front feeding and side spinning can be installed easly. You can move the machine wherever you want to move by way of wheels. İt’s adviced for mass production.


Transfer printing ,

Stone printing,

To glue support tape for leather,

Width of tape gluing up to 40 cm.

Printing setting can be 0-5 kg cm

Adjustable temperature of tape,

The product passing between warm tape cements with pneumatic rolling print.

It’s provided flange system that prevent to move the tape.

Technical Data:

  • Resistance power: 3,5 kw- 220 V/50 hz.
  • Width of tape: 40 cm.
  • Range of temperature to glue: 0-200 C
  • Max. time to glue: 5-35 sn.
  • Pressure to glue: 5 bar 5 kg/ cm.
  • Weight: 160 kg.
  • Dimensions: 217 ×96×126 cm


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