Cosmopol C 73 PU

Shoe Side Roughing Machine

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Cosmopol C 73  PU Sole Roughing Machine

Roughing Machine PU Soles

The tool is a carbide cutter and it’s also possible to place abrasive rings for the roughing on different materials (ex.wedges leather covered).

The rubber roll drives the sole during the roughing operation.

The rubber roll rotation is adjustable by an adjustable speed variator that allows to obtain an ideal speed for every kind of sole.

The machine is prepared with a safety system in order to save the worker during the roughing operation.

The machine must be connected to a suction central system or to an exhauster.

Height cm.141

Width cm. 52

Depth cm. 72

Prod. 1400 p.8 h.

Elec.feed. Volt. 400/50 5 POLI

Elec.consump. W 930

Net weight KG. 121,00