Cosmopol EL-VI Alasca 1200

Steaming Tunnel

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Cosmopol EL-VI ALASCA 1200 Cooling Tunnel

Cooling tunnel with conveyor belt and force ventilation

It break down the timing of stabilization of the shoe and the polymerization of the glue, ensuring perfect gluing after the pressing of the shoe on the sole and reducing production times.

The tunnel is also used, to stabilize the shapes and dimensions of soles and molded components.

It is used for cooling in base mounted components.

Digital temperature control between + 15 ° -22 °.

Photocell conveyor stop.

Programmable feature in three different types.

Digital control panel for values ​​and production control.


  • Production density: 1200 pcs. / 8 hours
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Width: 102.5 cm
  • Depth: 270 cm
  • Weight: 310 kg
  • Power Supply: 400V / 50-60Hz Triphase
  • Power Consumption: 2,600 Watt
  • Adjustable Temperature: + 15 / -22 C